Flythemaddog X disponible!


Comme prévu, le FlythemaddogX de l’éditeur italien Leonardo SH est arrivé!

Cette simulation très avancée du mythique McDonnell Douglas MD80 (il s’agit ici précisément du MD82) est désormais disponible en 32 ou 64 bits. L’achat s’effectue exclusivement sur SimMarket en téléchargement.

Au vu des prestations exceptionnelles des précédentes versions, cette refonte entièrement nouvelle du Maddog s’annonce grandiose tant au niveau du vol que des graphismes. Voici les caractéristiques annoncées par Leonardo SH:

Fly the Maddog X includes:

  • 7 outstanding detailed liveries in 4K resolution: American Airlines (N9405T), Alitalia (I-DAVD), Delta (N904DL), Laser (YV2923), Meridiana (I-SMER), SAS (LN-RMR), and the McDonnell Douglas (N501MD) special livery in which the very first built MD-82 was painted.
  • Highly detailed virtual cockpit and exterior model, fully animated and rendered with 4K highly detailed textures;
  • Built in view system for 3D camera views and 2D panels;
  • Complete CM-1 and CM-2 panels with functional separated instruments;
  • Real cockpit sounds, recorded in the real aircraft Every switch has his own sound and all the cockpit environment is reproduced in very high fidelity. A true to life, immersive experience;
  • Dual/multiple systems simulation (DFGS, FD, CADC, EFIS, AHRS, FMS) with switching between dual systems;
  • FMS – FMS – Flight Management System with dual independent CDUs;
  • DFDR – Digital Flight Data Recorder;
  • TCAS – Traffic Collision Avoidance System;
  • WAGS – Windshear Alert and Guidance System;
  • EGPWS – Enhanced Ground proximity Warning System;
  • ACARS system (requires HiFi ActiveSky 3rd part add-on);
  • Weather Radar (requires HiFi ActiveSky or REX Advantage 3rd part add-ons);
  • Full electrical system simulation including working overhead breakers;
  • Full hydraulic system with working engine, auxiliary and transfer pumps etc.;
  • Full pneumatic system;
  • Auto/Manual pressurization system and cockpit environment control;
  • Optimum flap system (dial a flap);
  • Antiskid system;
  • ABS – Autobrake System;
  • Full dimmable cockpit lightning and backlighting; realistic atmospheric effects on windshield (rain, snow, ice) with TFDi RealLight and TrueGlass technology (64 bit version only);
  • Very accurate flight model and engine parameters;
  • Realistic failures and automatic failure generator;
  • Management of inoperative systems in accordance with MEL (Minimum Equipment List);
  • Load manager and route/fuel planner application;
  • Customized dynamic lights and effects taken from real footage. From the shape of the light beams to the shape of the touchdown smoke or engine wash and smoke, everything is custom made to reflect the real airplane;
  • Compatible with GSXFS2Crew and Navigraph AIRAC and procedures updates for the FMS.

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