Service Pack 3 pour le QualityWings Ultimate 787


Le Boeing 787 de QualityWings reçoit une importante mise à jour le portant en version 1.3. Celle ci le rend également compatible avec Prepar3D v5.

Concernant les innovations, on note l’implémentation de plusieurs utilitaires ou logiciels:

  • Navigraph (pour ceux qui ont un compte) sur l’EFB.
  • TrueGlass et RealLight  (P3Dv5) de TFDI en version Beta.
  • FS2Crew et sa nouvelle version du 787 QualityWings (pour ceux qui en ont fait acquisition).

C’est aussi l’occasion de bénéficier de certaines corrections:


  • FS2Crew Support (QW Config has option to enable/disable)
  • EFB: Navigraph charts support (Navigraph subscription required)
  • HUD: Brake Deceleration Scale
  • CDU/EICAS: Insufficient fuel warning
  • CDU: SID/STAR speed restrictions
  • Panelsave: Default Preflight Panelstate added
  • Prepar3Dv5 compatibility
  • ASP3D (ActiveSky P3D) compatibility
  • CDU: Place bearing/distance does not work with two letter nav waypoints
  • CDU: Descent Page speed entries in backwards order (should be Mach/Ias)
  • CDU: scratchpad entries have to be repeated multiple times before accepted
  • CDU/AUX: Calendar date displayed is incorrect by one day in January
  • CDU: Forecast page, Activesky snapshot folder not found (FSX-SE)
  • CHKL: Shutdown checklist Wxr radar status not detected
  • HUD: FPV display over-reacting to wind effects
  • HUD: Compass rose heading bug not working
  • HUD: Compass does not switch between HDG and TRK mode.
  • HUD: Numerous visual improvements and fixes
  • ND: Weather Radar not working with native FSX-SE Active Sky
  • ND: ILS final approach waypoints being off slightly to the right of rwy centerline
  • ND: Terrain display is offset by a few degrees
  • PFD: FO FPV does not stay on when selected
  • PFD: Minimums bar on the altitude tape displays in reset mode
  • DU: EICAS does not transition to FO side when SYS page is on left side of FO DU
  • Panelsave: various improvements and fixes
  • VC: « STAB CUTOFF » text fixed to read « STAB CUTOUT »
  • Sounds: Flightcrew briefings and callouts play even if QWCAS is disabled
  • Exterior: Wing vortex generators appear black in certain lighting conditions
  • HYD: C ELEC pump logic reworked
  • EFB: TO PERF does not show the Baro pressure in InHG
  • Autoflight: Holding pattern logic improved
  • EICAS: « CONFIG FLAPS » warning does not clear on 787-9
  • EICAS: VNAV STEP CLIMB does not clear after step climb
  • CTD: various stability improvements
  • JumpAhead: Elapsed time does not adjust when using Jump Ahead feature

La mise à jour se fait depuis l’interface du Flight1 Purchase Agent.