Prepar3D 4.5 reçoit le Hotfix 3


C’est décidément une semaine faste pour Prepar 3D. Le lendemain de la sortie de la v5, la v4.5 reçoit une mise à jour nommée Hotfix 3 (passant en version v4.5.14.34698 pour être précis). A la clé, un nombre important de corrections.



      • Added support for the Varjo XR-1 Mixed Reality (MR) headset.
      • Fixed bug preventing gaze select cursor from appearing in some cases.
      • Ownship can now follow waypoints when using the ActivateWaypointsAction.
      • The ActivateWaypointsAction now correctly sets waypoint requested distance values.
      • Fixed bug preventing waypoint list data from being queried by the PDK when running SimDirector.
      • Fixed bug preventing Camera System PDK calls from accessing the latest interface version.
      • Improved DIS wildcard handling and fixed issue preventing entity types from corresponding correctly in some cases.
      • Fixed bug preventing preview windows from rendering in SimDirector in some cases.
      • Fixed issue where shared cockpit would lag with more than four players in a vehicle.
      • Fixed QueryService call for the IDISManagerv450 interface.
      • Fixed issue causing irregular movements on nested attached objects.
      • Fixed multichannel startup crash seen in some cases.
      • Fixed issue where sound would still be muted in some cases when leaving multiplayer UI screens.
      • Fixed wave animation issues when changing wind directions over the 0/360 degree boundary.
      • Slew is now enabled by default in multichannel.
      • Added a command line argument to launch Prepar3D directly into playing back a flight recording.
      • Fixed cases where certain objects would have irregular movements in recording playbacks.
      • Fixed issue preventing metallic occlusion properties from loading correctly.
      • Fixed crash seen when loading airports with no taxiway paths.
      • Fixed issue where scenario actions would not fire when starting directly into multiplayer.
      • Improved handling of near clip in VR.
      • Fixed issue where autopilot state would not load correctly in some cases.
      • Fixed issue causing incorrect pitch to be set when loading an uncompressed 32 bit DDS texture.
      • Added controls to emulate the mouse scroll wheel when using Gaze Selection in VR.
      • Multichannel clients can now use direct IP autostart.
      • Fixed issue where scenario objects would not handle events correctly in multichannel.
      • Fixed crash when resetting structured scenarios in multichannel.


      • Updated several DISEntityTypes.xml entries to ensure each default object is unique.
      • Removed invalid FuelTruck object from DISEntityTypes.xml.
      • Fixed flap configuration for the F-35A.
      • Fixed issue with F-16 effects being added twice by removing effect file extensions in F-16 config entries.
      • Fixed minor issues in the Basics of Flight scenario.


    • Added functionality to the PDK for Structured Scenario support for Mission Objectives, Goals and Flight Segments.
    • Added additional multiplayer PDK service functions.
    • Fixed TrafficToolbox dump airport list to correctly parse airspace types.
    • Fixed issue preventing ImageTool from loading certain DDS textures.
    • Fixed event ID filter for mouse inputs to allow custom ISimObject instance-based properties.
    • Added [ClampingOnGround] variables to SimObjects to prevent stationary vehicles from sliding in some cases.


Cette fois ci, nul besoin de sortir son portefeuille à nouveau. Il « suffira » de vous connecter sur votre compte client sur le site de Prepar3D et de réinstaller les trois parties du logiciel, à savoir Client, Content et Scenery.

Pour ceux qui butteraient sur le processus de mise à jour un brin fastidieux de Prepar3D , Lockheed Martin a publié un guide d’installation.