TFDI PACX mis à jour


Le logiciel PACX de l’éditeur TFDI reçoit une mise à jour. Cet utilitaire simule la présence de passagers à bord et permet d’interagir avec eux au cours du vol. La nouveauté est qu’il ne sera plus nécessaire de passer par une interface externe pour le gérer, mais pas un HUD (Head Up Display) présent dans le cockpit.

PACX est disponible pour 29.99 USD. En voici les principales caractéristiques:

The Experience

PACX offers a variety of systems to provide a realistic in-flight and post-flight experience.

  • Various incidents ranging from minor reseating delays to severe medical issues can happen. It is up to you to handle them properly. This may mean you simply expedite the flight, or you may have to make an immediate diversion. The choice is yours.
  • In-sim HUD allows real-time monitoring and interaction without leaving your simulator.
  • Extra announcements for customs declarations on international fights and Wi-Fi usage information for Wi-Fi equipped aircraft increase the immersion.
  • Automatic and realistic handling of in-flight service by the flight attendant make the flight feel alive.
  • Interaction can be initiated by pressing the appropriate in-cockpit controls on select third party aircraft like the TFDi Design 717, Quality Wings 787, PMDG 737NGX, PMDG 747 QOTS II, and PMDG 777.
  • Career mode allows you to rank up and vary your passengers according to airline parameters.
  • Awards can be earned for activity, on-time performance, and more.