Le PMDG 747-400 QOTS II compatible avec Prepar3D v5


C’est Robert Randazzo en personne, le patron de PMDG qui a annoncé sur le forum de l’éditeur une importante mise à jour de ses 747-400 et 747-8. En effet, ceux ci sont désormais compatibles avec la v5 de P3D. De plus, un lot de diverses corrections est de la partie.

Seule petite contrainte, cette nouvelle version impose de télécharger et de réinstaller l’add-on depuis le site de PMDG, au lieu de simplement effectué la mise à jour depuis le PMDG Operation Center.

PMDG 747-400/8 QOTSII **WIDE BETA** – BUILD 3.01.0283 (FULL BASELINE) (Released 2020-05-08)
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— 0008664[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] PTT Button Outline missing on 400 and 400F (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0008646[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Bottom of 400F FO Corner post is crumpled (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0008644[Systems – Wheels & Brakes] Ground Steering intermittent with tiller axis selected (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008648[General – Ground Operations] Pushback menu selection improvements (hvanrensburg) – resolved.
– 0008608[ACARS – Aircraft Performance/Navigation] GFO ACARS POS REP has NO INDICATION it was sent (hvanrensburg) – resolved.
– 0008602[General – Unsure] Aircraft angular velocity gets corrupted while parked. (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008620[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Glareshield « crashpads » doesn`t shake with VC motion (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0008611[ACARS – CPDLC] PRINT function in CDU inop (hvanrensburg) – resolved.
– 0008595[External Model – Geometry] 747-8F Missing Textures External Upper Deck Door (jbrown) – resolved.
– 0008468[External Model – Geometry] Slat panel next to No4 engine not correctly aligned (jbrown) – resolved.
– 0008591[General – Ground Operations] Various issues related to new pushback module implementation that need cleanup (affected beta tester builds only) (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008603[Systems – Wheels & Brakes] Autobrake effectiveness does not match published values (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008604[Systems – Wheels & Brakes] Manual Brake effectiveness does not match published values (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008601[Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] Click spot for knob on landing altitude panel not properly centered on knob (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0008598[FMS – Route/Legs Pages] Fix related to duplicate waypoint entered on airway (emvaos) – resolved.
– 0008576[General – Flight Model] 747 Wingflex physics model updated. (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008571[General – Ground Operations] Pushback Tug Turns are too sensitive. (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008574[Systems – Electrical] IDG self-test fails to complete in extreme cold temps, preventing IDG from being brought online. (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008567[External Model – Geometry] Cabin Services Truck beacon housing is missing texture. (jbrown) – resolved.
– 0008537[Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] Page Up/Page Down reversed in right EFB when used from VC (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007633[FMS – Setup/Options Pages] External Vehicle displaying incorrectly when loading a panel state (hvanrensburg) – resolved.
– 0007535[FMS – Route/Legs Pages] Reverse font for alt/ias restrictions of newly entered waypoints in MOD RTE (emvaos) – resolved.
– 0007268[Main Panel – Electronic Checklist System] Fuel OVRD 2 FWD ECL not behaving correctly. (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0007472[Main Panel – EICAS Messaging Issues] 747-8 SEATBELTS OFF memo message erroneously displays while not in flight and switch set to OFF. (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008536[Systems – Electrical] IDG drive failure due to wear/stress may not properly report failure in menus and then cannot be cleared (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008016[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Texture issue on glare wings for 747-400 Pax (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007509[External Model – Geometry] Body steering does not work when Axis Steering set is used (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008525[General – Flight Model] Separate OPT/MAX ALT tables for -ER and -ERF (emvaos) – resolved.
– 0008508[Systems – Flight Controls] Yaw Damper Inop light not turning ON with IRS OFF when loading a panel state (emvaos) – resolved.
– 0008499[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Air Vent clipping in VC (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0008466[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Line over F/O Selcal Plate (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0008456[Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] Click spots for Landing lights are not centered, and do not cover entire switch (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0008457[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Text on overhead and EFIS are blurry (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0008450[Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] Click spot for Captain Audio System not functioning (hvanrensburg) – resolved.
– 0008220[Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] VC click spot issue on R wiper and No3 Pack switches (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0008353[Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] Ghost clickspot on Aisle Stand Panel Flood switch (748) (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007739[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Extra Panel part? Light Leak (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0008017[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] VC Shadow improvements (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007740[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Texture issue related to cockpit window trim (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0008445[General – Ground Physics] Implementation of PMDG Ground Physics updates into 747 (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008446[General – Ground Operations] Implementation of updated pushback methods, including user-driven tug for pushback (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008387[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Light Strip missing and small Yoke Gap (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007799[General – Flight Model] ISA Fuel Burn adjustment (emvaos) – resolved.
– 0007605[Virtual Cockpit – Functionality/Click-Spots] R/T INT switch with Pedestal flood lights ON (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007554[Systems – Hydraulic] HYD Press Demand pump message behavior (abashkatov) – resolved.
– 0008600[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] SMOKE EVAC Placard is raised (vscimone) – closed.
– 0008562[External Model – Geometry] Stabilizer animation improvements (jbrown) – closed.
– 0008569[Apps – Glareshield Integration Module] PVD Faults — Co-pilot’s Glareshield Module (vscimone) – closed.
– 0007655[Systems – Fuel] Fuel Crossfeed Valve Switches – Transit Lights Not working (rsrandazzo) – closed.
– 0008578[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Random Knob on Air System Panel Build 10202 (vscimone) – closed.
– 0008568[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Overhead Panel Switches alignment problem.(vscimone) – closed.
– 0007673[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] PVD on copilot side INOP/Appearance issues (vscimone) – closed.
– 0008621[External Model – Geometry] Changes to wing flex animation ranges (jbrown) – resolved.
– 0005374[General – Flight Model] shaking in turbulence aggressive (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008632[General – Flight Model] Improved wing flex model improvements air and ground range (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008612[Systems – Wheels & Brakes] RTO Autobrake did not operate. (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008577[General – Unsure] Stabilizer wobble (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008588[General – Flight Model] Stab shaking while changing fuel load (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008371[Systems – Lighting – Exterior] Nose gear turn off light illuminated with power off (jbrown) – resolved.
– 0008590[Systems – Hydraulic] Body gear does not steer during push (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0008573[General – Ground Physics] Angular velocity controller needs tuning for P5D. (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0007093[Systems – Fire Protection] 748 fire protection – 5th cargo squib test light unnecessarily installed (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0007647[General – Engines] Idle N1 and EGT model for GenX engines revised [747-8] (emvaos) – resolved.
– 0006743[Main Panel – EICAS Display Issues] APU N1 and EGT relaxation model revisions (emvaos) – resolved.
– 0007612[Main Panel – Synoptics] APU OIL QTY Indication logic revised (emvaos) – resolved.
– 0006404[FMS – Setup/Options Pages] Pushback Time elapsed error after latest update (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0007640[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Center post geometry needs correction on 747-8 (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007659[Systems – Electrical] GEN Inop after multiple legs without exiting Sim. No failure registered. Unable to clear. (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0007552[Systems – Fuel] Intermittent FUEL OVRD 3 AND 3 OFF (rsrandazzo) – resolved.
– 0007664[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] Speed selector on the MCP size discrepancy (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007616[Virtual Cockpit – Geometry/Textures] MCP Floodlight strip is not well illustrated (vscimone) – resolved.
– 0007644[FMS/AFDS – VNAV] Indicated ECON CLB Speed in case value adapted to ECON CRZ Mach at TOC for low altitude cruise (emvaos) – closed.
– 0007600[AFDS – Roll Modes] AP Roll channel on ground with LOC (NO AUTOLAND situation) (emvaos) – closed.
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