X-Plane 11.50 disponible !

X-Plane 11

Après un long développement, la version très attendue de X-Plane 11.50 est désormais disponible. La principale innovation est la prise en charge de l’API Vulkan qui ouvre le simulateur à un nouvel air graphique avec des possibilités presque infinies ! En termes de performance, les utilisateurs devraient voir un gain significatif. À noter qu’il faudra mettre à jour tous vos addons tiers.

Change log complet :

Release Candidate 3

  • Work around AMD driver update 20.8.3 crashing with Vulkan.
  • XPD-10758 Fixed C172 trim wheel manipulator on Vulkan.
  • XPD-11009 Windows clipping in OpenGL.

Release Candidate 2

  • Updated Honeycomb .joy file.
  • Updated Italian translation.
  • XPD-10804 Hopefully fixed crashing in paging plan.
  • XPD-10805 This fixes 3 race conditions in the location task.
  • XPD-10990 Probing terrain might be skewed.
  • XPD-10995 Fixed shadows cut off on GL.

Release Candidate 1

  • XPD-10231 Crash to desktop after closing Oculus app.
  • XPD-10601 Turned off pref saving of NMEA since use affects perf.
  • XPD-10805 Crash with deleted DSF in background work
  • XPD-10883, XPD-10884 Metal driver crash.
  • XPD-10909 Thrustmaster A320 joystick configs.
  • XPD-10925 Video Record Crash – Linux+Nvidia.
  • XPD-10954 Updated airport EGLL – London Heathrow.
  • XPD-10963 Fixed V-Sync on macOS.
  • XPD-10970 V-sync causing drop in performance on Vulkan.
  • XPD-10976 Fix missing pipelines on 2-d generic instrument panels with legacy lighting.
  • XPD-10977 Fix flickering terrain by using double precision culling.
  • XPD-10978 Out of order video frame record.
  • XPD-10979 Fix pauses due to Steam DRM check.
  • XPD-10980 Lock re-entrancy with memory pressure warning.
  • XPD-10983 Fixed broken earth_astro.dat files leading to terrible performance on Vulkan/Metal.
  • XPD-10984 Fixed cutoff near shadows in Metal. Again.
  • XPD-10985 Hang when recording video from replay.
  • XPD-10986 Dataref for MSAA for plugins.
  • XPD-10987 Missing pipeline with non-OBJ based chute and weather.
  • XPD-10988 Fix race condition with settings load and SAM.xpl.
  • XPD-10994 Don’t mess with cloud shadows from reflection renders.
  • XPD-10996 Command line option to hand-pick IP.
  • XPD-10997 Work around Mesa not having instance ID.
  • XPD-10999 Sync debug DRM lock failure causes hard crash.

Beta 17

  • XPD-9677 Water reflection flickering issue in VR.
  • XPD-10231 Fix crash on quit with Nvidia and Rift.
  • XPD-10895 ACF shadow cut off when progressing time.
  • XPD-10898 Panning delay/stutter.
  • XPD-10899 Increase shadow/csm/far_limit_interior limit.
  • XPD-10920 Fixed XPLMReloadScenery() hanging under Vulkan.
  • XPD-10929, XPD-10962 Fixed missing shader after changing FX settings.
  • XPD-10937 Fixed vanishing point being calculated incorrectly when using multiple monitors with different resolutions.
  • XPD-10945, XPD-10932, XPD-10928, XPD-10919 Fixes for FPS complaints.
  • XPD-10949 Reflections in VR only render correctly in center of view.
  • XPD-10950 DRM crashes on Icelake CPUs.
  • XPD-10951 Take Nav fixes.
  • XPD-10952 Fixed dead lock in Metal memory controller caused by notifying about memory changes under lock.
  • XPD-10953 GPU Performance Regression with NV from turning off depth clamping.
  • XPD-10955 Paging material crawler doesn’t finish on time.
  • XPD-10957 Don’t use main render for plugins in non-HDR on Metal.
  • XPD-10962, XPD-10966 Null pipeline crashes in Vulkan due to an internal GFX error.
  • XPD-10965 Fixed NaN when FMOD aircraft is removed by TCAS lock.
  • XPD-10969 Fix VR head sensor not working on WMR.
  • XPD-10971 Fixed grind on Nimitz and Perry.

Beta 16

  • More logging to track down remaining missing pipeline crashes.
  • XPD-10926 Blurry textures in cockpits fixed.
  • XPD-10938 Use layer groups for instanced objects.
  • XPD-10940 Force reload of texture on livery.
  • XPD-10941 Fix livery leak.
  • XPD-10942 Gained depth buffer for plugin drawing phases that never had one before.
  • XPD-10943 Shows clouds inside cockpit and various artifacts in views.
  • XPD-10944 Fix crash in paging plan.

Beta 15

  • XPD-8413 Updated art with compressed textures for some assets.
  • XPD-10804 Crash in paging plan.
  • XPD-10927 Shared framebuffers now have a default D24S8 depth/stencil buffer attachment that is used when we don’t share depth/stencil natively.
  • XPD-10930 Fixed viewport area fails after window resize.
  • XPD-10933 Fixed crash if holding a plugin VR window when it goes away.
  • XPD-10934 Assert that view area is fubar.

Beta 14

  • Cloud offscreen ratio would be wrong under particular rare rendering situations with multiple monitors.
  • XPD-10486, XDP-10902 Added Metal GPU timer calibration. Also enabled GPU timers for 10.15.5+.
  • XPD-10619 On macOS we now always pick the system default device.
  • XPD-10725 Fix crash by removing Micoprofile OpenGL GPU timers.
  • XPD-10827 Fixed VR load screen.
  • XPD-10838 Fixed map clipping with Metal.
  • XPD-10861 Fixes plugin widget translucency.
  • XPD-10876 Fixed crash if plugin makes a null obj-based instance.
  • XPD-10906 Fix gray boxes around icons.
  • XPD-10916 Fixed stutters with image requests when we haven’t finished rendering the first one yet.
  • XPD-10918, XPD-10923 Issues with Nvidia driver 451.48.
  • XPD-10921 Freezing / hang in 11.50 beta 13.

Beta 13

  • Fixing bad plugin blaming and race conditions.
  • XPD-10911 Crashes at startup in OGL due to missing shaders.
  • XPD-10914 Fixed missing pipeline with Thranda PC-6.

Beta 12

  • XPD-10267 Fixed typo in data output screen.
  • XPD-10705 Fixed Vulkan pipeline always using depth clamp instead of depth clip like we do on OpenGL and Metal.
  • XPD-10747 AVI Video recording unplayable under Windows/Vulkan.
  • XPD-10790 Fix crash if user has junk prefs for joysticks.
  • XPD-10842 Fixed grid in ocean.
  • XPD-10871 Analytics for custom navdata is broken.
  • XPD-10873, XPD-10577 Crash with video recording.
  • XPD-10879 Fix for “freezing.”
  • XPD-10884, XPD-10883 Crash in Metal with lots of trees.
  • XPD-10897 Fix for another missing shader.
  • XPD-10900 Tuning TACAN through map inspector doesn’t work.
  • XPD-10903 Fixed paging crawler trying to read obj kill datarefs from a backgrounds thread.
  • XPD-10904 Fixed missing shaders when DXT alpha can go both ways.

Beta 11

  • XPD-9329 Fixed distant mountains looking crappy due to low res planet textures.
  • XPD-10704 Low shadow fade distance in cockpit view.
  • XPD-10717 Made more objects pageable to help with VRAM usage.
  • XPD-10741, XPD-10842 Fixed decals being allowed to modulate the alpha channel even if there is no alpha.
  • XPD-10780 Scenery shadows not seen from cockpit view, shadows seen from exterior view.
  • XPD-10796 Flashing colors in OpenGL.
  • XPD-10820 Crash with 3-d artificial horizon and legacy panel lighting.
  • XPD-10828 VR scenery shadow issues determined by two art controls.
  • XPD-10840 Experimental FM can be selected in Plane Maker.
  • XPD-10845 Crash inside drawing hook.
  • XPD-10851 Make GPU info easier to identify in log.txt.
  • XPD-10854 Fixed paging plan background crash with SAM.xpl.
  • XPD-10874 GL shadows broken when scenery shadows are off.
  • XPD-10875 Fixed missing pipeline with HDR + 2-d panels.
  • XPD-10876 Fixed pager paging instances while plugins delete them.
  • XPD-10877 Fixed shadow lines on scenery.
  • XPD-10878 Preparing World takes forever to complete.
  • XPD-10882 Added anisotropic filtering slider.

Beta 10

  • XPD-10458 Need control of eGPU selection for Vulkan.
  • XPD-10543 Crash with AviTab.
  • XPD-10639 Wrong Graphics card used when multiple available.
  • XPD-10645, XPD-10682, XPD-10635 Fixed V-Sync on Vulkan.
  • XPD-10668 Doesn’t launch when display is connected to different than rendering GPU.
  • XPD-10713 Vulkan disabled on startup.
  • XPD-10726, XPD-10796 Removed the validation layer callback unless we explicitly enable validation.
  • XPD-10733 Disable Vulkan checkbox for Win Intel users.
  • XPD-10757 Nav, Com, ADF, Transponder Radios draw current when turned off.
  • XPD-10765 Reduce the OpenGL overhead caused by XPLMDrawString.
  • XPD-10800 The modern 3d drawing callback has the wrong blend mode applied.
  • XPD-10801 Fixed crash with touch up of 4k textures.
  • XPD-10807 Fixed normalization of null vectors becoming NaNs.
  • XPD-10811 Map AI aircraft icons don’t update when dragged if paused.
  • XPD-10815 New tools that can be popped out in 2d are not showing in VR.
  • XPD-10820 Fixed missing pipelines for 3-d panels.
  • XPD-10821 Fix crash when plugin makes VR surface that does not exist.
  • XPD-10823 Fix crash in dumping ATC state to log when controller is half-built.
  • XPD-10824 Fix crash in shut down if a plugin loads airplanes during XPluginQuit.
  • XPD-10825 Fixed stale projection being passed to SDK map layer when it is created while map is shifting.
  • XPD-10829 Loosened severity of squawking with validation rules a little.
  • XPD-10831 Outright ban writing to art controls that ALWAYS crash the sim.
  • XPD-10832 Camera entitlement for TrackerXP.
  • XPD-10833 Hang when capturing video in replay mode.
  • XPD-10841 Improvements made based on blurry texture reports from 11.50b9.
  • XPD-10843 Correctly indicate that runway wetness at temps below 0 Celsius are modeled as icy, not wet.
  • XPD-10849 Fall back to opengl every 3rd launch.
  • XPD-10852 Camera next-plane code inop with TCAS override.
  • XPD-10859 Take small systems code fixes: A/T TOGA and REF, LNAV toggle not working for some autopilots.
  • XPD-10860 Log and cmd line override of IPD for SteamVR.
  • XPD-10865 XPLMFindNavaid not finding airport ICAO code on some gateway airports.

Beta 9

  • XPD-10617 Regenerate icon crash fixes again and again and again.
  • XPD-10766, XPD-10721 Vulkan Not Loading – failed to initialize.
  • XPD-10769 Multi color flashing aircraft.
  • XPD-10798 TKS surface dataref is wrong in readout, but works when writing.
  • XPD-10802 TCAS datarefs added.
  • XPD-10806 Crash opening VRAM profiler.
  • XPD-10808 Fixed deleting and rebuilding plugin layers at async reload.
  • XPD-10809 No longer drawing AI acf on map.

Beta 8

  • XPD-10794 Blurry acf in 11.50b7.
  • XPD-10799 Blurry textures on 737 AP.

Beta 7

  • Updated plugin SDK for TCAS changes.
  • More obj validation and error checking.
  • Fixes for some blurry objects.
  • Improved texture pager again.
  • Updated VRAM profiler.
  • XPD-8112 Override TCAS datarefs for our own and third-party TIS.
  • XPD-8162 Ocean tiles loading slowly & appear to be missing entirely in scenery.
  • XPD-10538 ADS-B Track Data wrong when plugin is controlling multi-player datarefs.
  • XPD-10617 Take two on CTD when using “regenerate icons for current aircraft (and livery).
  • XPD-10649 Too many inflight command buffers.
  • XPD-10654 Took King Air to get fuel pump start script.
  • XPD-10740 Fixed Orbx obj crashing.
  • XPD-10755, XPD-10767 Fixed race condition in map with plugins.
  • XPD-10756 Added map callbacks for vk/metal.
  • XPD-10764 Fix crash if modal is deleted before VR system can pop it up.
  • XPD-10773 Fixed SDK version numbers.
  • XPD-10774 Fixed crash with legacy CRJ700.
  • XPD-10775 Missing pipeline with instrument planet_globe.
  • XPD-10777, XPD-10776 Fixed hangs/crashes in PM any time we get a warning box while opening things.
  • XPD-10779 Fixed crash deleting ALL objects from G1000 C172.
  • XPD-10791 Fixed wasted VRAM when dome warp is not in use.

Beta 6

  • Fixed reflection slider labels.
  • Made aftermath opt in from the CLI only.
  • XPD-10693 Fixed crash when re-opening VR.
  • XPD-10760 Fixed typo in –allow_reshade CLI flag.
  • XPD-10761 Crash in ATC if no suitable destination found for aircraft.
  • XPD-10762 Fix crash in AI spawner when user’s plan is bad.

Beta 5

  • Updated Gateway airports.
  • Support for new Control Pad.
  • Fixed default key bindings for trim.
  • XPD-10617 Generate preview icon works on Vulkan/Metal.
  • XPD-10623 Fixed panel screenshots with OpenGL.
  • XPD-10633 Crash when returning to sim after enabling VR mode.
  • XPD-10637, XPD-10644 Vulkan Error Device Lost.
  • XPD-10646 Took art fix to facades to fight log spam.
  • XPD-10649 Too many inflight command buffers.
  • XPD-10693 Vulkan device lost SECOND time VR is started.
  • XPD-10707 Fixed issues with multiple monitors that have different resolutions.
  • XPD-10714 Vulkan disabled when auto-update runs.
  • XPD-10719 Stars reflected in the water.
  • XPD-10722 Fixed detection of 1Gb cards.
  • XPD-10723 Nvidia device STILL screwed up with Metal and MSAA.
  • XPD-10727 XPLMSetAircraftModel leads to crash under OpenGL.
  • XPD-10728 Fixed wireframe rendering in Plane Maker.
  • XPD-10729 Fixed crashes in ATC system (null segment & waypoint).
  • XPD-10731 Zero size window blows up OpenGL.
  • XPD-10732 Fixed minimizing OpenGL windows.
  • XPD-10742 Fixed MSAA being reset to 2x on restart.
  • XPD-10744 Update error message to only request auto crash report.
  • XPD-10749 Plane maker problem with OpenGL.
  • XPD-10751 Wrong callback dispatched for panels.

Beta 4

  • XPD-10643 ATC crash when entering approach mode.
  • XPD-10648 London Bridge road fix.
  • XPD-10670 Fixed misaligned 2-d panel click regions.
  • XPD-10672 Add the Paris-Orly Aerosoft hybrid airport.
  • XPD-10677 Gate Lines not appearing with Airport environment HD in OGL.
  • XPD-10681 Fixed missing text with airport navigator.
  • XPD-10684 Fixed missing scenery with markings+5 as its group.
  • XPD-10686 Fix reloading sky colors.
  • XPD-10687 Fixed null pipeline in vulkan/metal deploying cirrus chute.
  • XPD-10688 Fix null pipeline editing weapon load out in VR.
  • XPD-10689 Fixed null pipeline on vulkan in texture browser.
  • XPD-10691 Fix crash in G1000 map screen when no airports.
  • XPD-10692 Fix crash clicking popped out g430 with click regions visible.
  • XPD-10694 Fixed crash when thrashing whacking replay slider.
  • XPD-10701 Mouse cursor in VR mispositioned.
  • XPD-10702 Fixed VR mouse with HDR and Vulkan.
  • XPD-10706 Fixed error handling of missing point pool.

Beta 3

  • Fixed crash at launch with Linux + Vulkan.
  • Fixed null pipeline with third party aircraft using custom lights.

Beta 2

  • Fixed show traffic path pipeline nullptr error.
  • Fix crash when AG item has bogus forest ref.
  • XPD-10422 Plane Maker >Expert>Build Weapons>Geometry UI Overlap.
  • XPD-10438 Update King Air beta angle.
  • XPD-10442 Incorrect leg-deduplication with DF-HA, losing turn restriction.
  • XPD-10569 VR Right eye not working with Vulkan.
  • XPD-10607 Fixed skycolors nullptr pipeline on Vulkan.
  • XPD-10621 Fixed FOV and all screen pref param dataref being broken.
  • XPD-10624 Fixed null pipeline on right click of hierarchy in Plane Maker with Vulkan.
  • XPD-10625 Fix for un-inited turbulence.
  • XPD-10629 Fixed black screen on GF 6,7,8 series.
  • XPD-10632 Removed extra comma in loading screen.
  • XPD-10636 Failed to create Vulkan window, no surface formats found.
  • XPD-10638 Metal out of memory.
  • XPD-10641 C172 panel all black with OGL.
  • XPD-10642 Crashes when starting flight on Nvidia Mac.
  • XPD-10647 Can’t use Vulkan with multiple GPUS + SLI.
  • XPD-10656 Fixed Vulkan error handling for better crash reporting.
  • XPD-10657 Fixed missing pipeline on Vulkan with night vision mode.
  • XPD-10662 Fixed aircraft being in wrong place in Plane Maker wing view.
  • XPD-10668 Doesn’t launch when display is connected to different than rendering GPU.
  • XPD-10669 Muted ATC log spam.
  • XPD-10671 Fixed crash going from setting FX 1 to 2 with Metal.
  • XPD-10674 Fixed sound spaces not rendering correctly.

Beta 1

  • Latest manuals added.
  • Fixed missing VRAM use Text in UI.
  • XPD-10626 Hacked around crash on AMD in Catalina 10.15.4.


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