Aerosoft: une importante mise à jour pour le CRJ 700


Quelques mois après sa sortie, les retours des utilisateurs ont permis à Aerosoft de travailler sur une grosse mise à jour de son CRJ 700/900X. Les principales plaintes portaient notamment sur le comportement de la navigation latérale en mode LNAV. Cette nouvelle version, la devrait permettre de régler ces défauts de jeunesse et inclut de nombreuses améliorations:

[Fixed] LNAV issues
[Fixed] Cabin crew sounds volume now louder and play times optimized
[Fixed] FLT SPLR DEPLOY message no longer comes up when flight spoilers deploy as aileron support
[Fixed] Ground friction model for easier taxiing (P3D v4.x only. FSX, FSX-SE and P3D v3.x continue to rely on on FSUIPC)
[Fixed] COM Frequency swap on RTU
[Fixed] GPWS Mode 2B only arms when within 5NM and 3500ft of destination airport, if FMS Flightplan required. Otherwise it’s always active
[Fixed] Frequency and volume of ground bumps reduced
[Fixed] Pack sounds added
[Fixed] HGS horizon line
[Fixed] Max CRZ Alt increased to 41000ft in all menus
[Added] Gear bump sounds
[Changed] DAVE mouse click log now requires debug level 2
[Added] COM and NAV radio frequency swap keys now affect the CRJ radios (Pro-ATC/X compatibility)
[Fixed] Stickshaker sound playing on aircraft load
[Added] Flight Attendant and Cabin Announcements (see )
[Added] Debugging options on CRJ Manager options page
[Changed] Logging functions adapted to produce data only when a certain debug level is set
[Changed] Moved all logs to \Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ\Logs
[Added] Function to check and auto-create the \Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ folders plus subfolders (Flightplans, Panel States, Logs)
[Fixed] GPWS mode 2a only activates when flaps are not in landing configuration (< 30 degrees)
[Fixed] Optimization of the number of draw calls for the virtual cockpit display and HGS
[Fixed] PFD bearing pointers mix-up
[Fixed] HGS FPV/FD not visible
[Fixed] Some HGS elements not drawing when airborne
[Fixed] Possible endless loop during calculation of radius to fix legs
[Fixed] Added a small nullzone to the spoiler lever to avoid CONFIG SPLRS warning triggered by input axis noise
[Fixed] Missing R REV ARMED EICAS message
[Added] Scaling option for HGS fonts for use with UHD (and similar) monitors. To change the scaling option, open you CRJ.cfg (CRJ_P3Dv4.cfg for P3D v4) and add the following line to the ./[Config] section: HGSFontScale=175 The value needs to be identical to the font scaling setting in Windows (Default is therefore « 100 » – I will add this to CRJ Manager for the next version)
[Fixed] FMS/FPLN: Flightplan loading via CoRoute entry
[Fixed] HGS repositioned (FSX and P3D v3 models added)
[Fixed] HGS repositioned (P3D v4 models only. P3D v3 and FSX/FSX-SE will follow soon™)
[Fixed] Thrust reversers now open before reverse thrust is set (and only close after reverse thrust is back to idle)
[Fixed] Slightly increased the upper limit for throttle cruise range
[Fixed] Improved FPV and FD in HGS
[Fixed] Fuel/Time calculation updating on legs with ToC/ToD
[Fixed] MFD SAT/TAT indications no longer locked to -14/-28
[Fixed] Late turn to new direct leg
[Checked] DME Autotune update (no issue found)
[Fixed] Wrong CoG/trim calculation for CRJ-900

Les acheteurs de la version téléchargement devront télécharger et installer à nouveau le CRJ, quand à ceux aillant acquis la version boîte, ils peuvent télécharger la mise à jour séparément.

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